For us, we often think of service in terms of our experience with a waiter at a restaurant or the phone call we make for technical support. But as we lean into God’s heart and discover what it means to reflect His character to the world around us, we soon discover something more about service. It’s not just what people do for us, but rather what we need to be doing for the people around us.


Our definition for service: lending a hand to help someone else. There’s something pretty great that happens when we decide to take the focus off of ourselves and lend a hand to help someone who needs it.

I think that we all want our children to grow up and recognize that the world doesn’t actually revolve around them. That often life is about what can do for the people around us. We hope that kids start to understand that they really do have an important role in this world to give, to help, and to serve others.


252 Preview: All Hands on Deck (November 2015) from Orange on Vimeo.

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