Hello, kidSTART Friends!

It’s time to visit the We Care Pet Shop where we care for your pets and you! The team has had so much fun planning this month. It’s full of dogs and frogs and birds and mice! Oh my! Your kids are sure to have fun, but more importantly, they are sure to learn about caring and that God cares about them.

That’s what we want our kids to walk away with this month, the knowledge that “God will take care of me.” What a powerful thing for our littlest friends to know. No matter what, God will take care of them.

God will take care of them when they are in a new place just like He took care of Esther when she went to a new city to become queen. God will give them people to protect them just like He used Rahab to protect the spies and the spies to protect Rahab. God will put people in their lives to help them just like He introduced Elijah to the widow and her son, and God helped them never run out of oil and flour. Finally, God will provide for them just as He showed a well to Hagar when she and her son were so very thirsty.

God will take care of them! The Pet Shop theme will help them connect to what that means as they play and take care of pretend pets of their own all month long.



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