Hello,  kidSTART Friends!

During the month of October we are telling four of David’s stories. If there was ever a life that proves God can show up in BIG ways, it’s David’s life. God helped David and those that surrounded him do some really BIG things. Hey, that’s why the theme is Big Things!

We’ll start the month hearing how God helped Samuel do a very big thing and pick who was going to be the new king. I love how this story shows us that God is always looking at and knows our hearts and that the inside is the most important part of us. Then, we will hear how God helped David defeat both a lion and a bear. Always a favorite among the preschool set, this story allows for lots of fun role-playing for the kids.

Week three, preschoolers will hear the story of David and Goliath. This is such a fun one to tell as preschoolers get so excited about the idea of a little guy defeating a big guy. God really can help us do very big things. We’ll end the month sharing how God was with David throughout his military career. God helped David do big things all through his life. God can help us do anything.


October Parent Cue