Hello, kidSTART Friends!

Our lives are like puzzles aren’t they? We have lots of the pieces, and we keep getting new ones. However, we can’t see what the picture is going to look like in the end. Only God sees the finished work. Only He knows how they all fit together. Only He knows His plan for us.

That’s what we’re teaching preschoolers this month, that God has a plan for us. He gives us pieces of our puzzle as we go through life, and they all fit together. They are all part of His plan.

Nowhere in the Bible is God’s ultimate plan easier to see than through the story of Joseph. From his fabulous colorful coat to his time spent in jail to his saving the people of Egypt from famine, Joseph’s story truly illustrates that God had a plan. And, even though Joseph didn’t know God’s complete plan, he trusted it and he continued to trust God.

We’re going to show preschoolers God’s plan for Joseph this month. Then, we’ll teach them that God has a plan for them too. It says so right in His word, “The plans of the Lord stand firm forever,” (Psalm 33:11, NIV). By the time the month is over, our preschooler will be able to state with confidence, “God has a plan for me.”



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