Hello, kidSTART Friends!

Happy New Year! January is miracle month here in kidSTART—one of our favorites!

Each week this month, we will tell a story about something ONLY JESUS can do. The children will hear how Jesus helped the fishermen fill their nets even after they’d been fishing all night with no luck. Then, they’ll hear the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with just two fish and five loaves. And, there was food left over!

In week three, we’ll tell the story of Jesus walking on water. How awesome must that have been? And then, they’ll hear the story of Jesus calming the storm with just a word. Finally, we’ll share how Jesus turned water into a super fancy party drink at a wedding.

By telling these stories, we are sharing with our youngest friends the awesome power of Jesus and that He can do anything. In fact, there are many things only Jesus can do.


January Parent Cue