Friday, December 9, 2016


5:45 pm – dinner (optional)
6:15 pm – show


Multiple items will be available for sale for dinner (beginning at 5:45 pm), including pizza, drinks and other concessions.
Show is FREE! No registration is necessary.


Chestnut Ridge Church gym


Jingle Jam is an event that your entire family won’t want to miss! Designed for families and kids of all ages, Jingle Jam is a high energy, high spirited, interactive Christmas event geared for elementary aged children! Through music, dance, comedy, and video, Jingle Jam drives home the message of JOY! and finding a way to be happy, even when things don’t go your way. The centerpiece of the show is the telling of the Christmas story, utilizing the books Luke and Matthew. It shows children (well, actually, the whole family!) that our Christmas joy comes through the gift of Jesus!

Beginning at 5:45 pm, you can purchase dinner items (pizza, drinks, and other concessions) to avoid the after-work rush of getting your family out the door. All items will be $2 each. The free show will begin at 6:15 pm!