In the month of February, it seems like everyone is talking about how they’re going to show their friends and family how valuable they are with cards and candy and flowers. But it could be that the simplest way we can make the most impact is by showing kindness the way Jesus did and the way He taught His followers.

We live in a world that most often seems like it’s anything but kind. Kindness is so rare that the acts of kindness like what happen in Florida make national news! And just think about the arguments that break out within our own families.

But what would happen if kindness didn’t seem so rare? What would happen if we decided to live out what Jesus said about showing others they are valuable?

That’s why we’re taking the whole month to look more closely at kindness: showing others they are valuable by how you treat them.

All month we’ll be working on memorizing Luke 6:31, “Do to others as you want them to do to you.” This simple verse is a great reminder of what Jesus said about Kindness. We would want others to show kindness towards us, so it’s important that we turn around and show kindness to them as well.

252 Preview: Undercover Kindness (February 2015) from Orange on Vimeo.

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